Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Goals and Relaxation

Summer is the time of year when I do a "reset" on myself. I get to focus on ME and my goals, sans the pressure of my normal job. I've never actually taken a summer "off." I've always worked, and been in graduate school, but despite those responsibilities, it's less time consuming than the normal school year, and I always have time to reflect, plan, and focus on myself moving forward. I always have lofty summer goals, but this year I'd like to simplify. Focus on:

1. Reading
2. Relaxation
3. Family/Friends/Fun
4. Healthy habits
5. Being prepared for the new year

I always feel at my best and most accomplished when I have a project to work on, and of course besides this blog, I can be my own project. Most people make their resolutions in January, but I always make my best resolutions during the summer reset. What are your goals this summer, and how do you go about accomplishing them?

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