Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Goals and Relaxation

Summer is the time of year when I do a "reset" on myself. I get to focus on ME and my goals, sans the pressure of my normal job. I've never actually taken a summer "off." I've always worked, and been in graduate school, but despite those responsibilities, it's less time consuming than the normal school year, and I always have time to reflect, plan, and focus on myself moving forward. I always have lofty summer goals, but this year I'd like to simplify. Focus on:

1. Reading
2. Relaxation
3. Family/Friends/Fun
4. Healthy habits
5. Being prepared for the new year

I always feel at my best and most accomplished when I have a project to work on, and of course besides this blog, I can be my own project. Most people make their resolutions in January, but I always make my best resolutions during the summer reset. What are your goals this summer, and how do you go about accomplishing them?

Hello! It's Me, Ms. P!

Hello! I'm Ms. P, a twenty-something teacher living in the middle of Connecticut with my best friend, and my dog, Jack. I love to read, write, horseback ride, cook, and teach! I teach various English courses in grades 9-12 in an awesome school just outside of Hartford. I also create teaching resources on TeachersPayTeachers, and I love the community of educators who create and share their products to reach students all over the country. This summer I will be day-lighting (like moon-lighting, but during the day... you get the idea!) as a first grade teacher in our district's elementary summer program. I have NO idea how to teach first grade, so comments are welcome! I look forward to connecting with all of you. Happy summer!