Tuesday, July 7, 2015

First Day of School and Camp!

So the first day of school was... eventful! At least I know the one thing first graders and high schoolers have in common--their ferocity for games and their rules! I also had no idea about things like line rules and reading mat rules...be assured, they quickly told me. I'm figuring it out. First graders get so excited when they learn something new. They also ask A LOT of questions. I can't keep up with all the questions! I'm certainly not an expert with them by any means, but we're learning every day.

I haven't taught riding at camp in about two years, so I was nervous to say the least. It all ended up coming back as soon as I stepped in the ring, and I felt like myself five years ago. It was a good place to be in. Funny how some things bring us right back to who we think are/were. Everyone at camp was so friendly and happy to see me, and I felt right at home :). Pictures to come!

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